Name: Malcolm Nealon
Position: Support Manager


Why did you start this project?

I had used Dev-C++ for a while, and believed like many that it was dead. I became interested in wxWidgets when I wanted to relearn to program, and since I wanted to do a little Linux programming, I looked for a cross platform toolkit. To cut a long story short, I contacted Guru when he asked for beta testers, and help. I volounteered to help, and started bug finding.

What contributions have you made?

Mostly bug fixes, and a few added components, (the radio box is a custom component, others I have contributed are based largely upon work done by Guru and others). I tend to add things which I personally would like to see (such as the radio group, the new Rich Text component).

I added the MRU capability to the menu designer, which again was something I wanted to implement in a personal project.

My main forte is finding bugs.

What features do you most want to see in wxDev-C++?

  • The soon to be implemented (I hope) code folding.
  • Designers for the wxAUI component (which I hope to create) and other components which need them (such as the list control and the tree control).
  • An Image List component would be useful, since the Tree and List controls both need one to be correctly designed.
  • If we cannot implement dynamic components (allowing the users to add their own components to the IDE at runtime) I would like to see something simple like a placeholder component where the user could edit the fields to at least have his component created in the CreateGUIControls function.

In what areas do you think others could help?

Documentation definately. Peter James did some work extending the help file which comes with wxDev-C++, so thanks for that Peter, but we really need lots more tutorials, some light streaming videos would be good.

What we also need is help extending the compiler switches. Joel and Tony have a switch between MinGW and VC, but I would like to see this extended to cover all compilers where we might be used for the form designer. Logo