Here are some readers comments:

“Though far from complete this book offers a valuable introduction to programming in the C and C++ languages. Oriented to the wxDev-C++ (or DevCpp) IDE it covers many advanced topics. It gets better with every release. I fully recommend it. “


“Keep up the nice work!!
This book will be great help for lots of people!”


“What ever i have learned about wxDevC++ is from this book . Previously I was working with VB.Net. I was scared of C++ I thought it was tough and I would loose productivity if I switch to C++, But having this book was a "programmer best friend", It helped me in every step. I also learned C++ with concept of this book I feel so great that it's continuously updated so I get to learn new thing every time I download a copy.

I cant wait to see how will this book look like when its finally complete.

Please keep up the good work”


“Also I am sure you have many people telling you they like your book and I also thank you as I have learned mostly from it. I can't wait until it is finished.”



Just wanted to thank you for giving me an introduction to programming with wxDev. As a beginner in C-Programming I really liked the way of starting from basics and leading over to wxDev. Now I worked all the way through your book and prepared everything for the Simple HTML Editor.

Do you have an idea, when chapter 10 will be released?


Just got the latest release of your book and I can't wait to continue learning, mostly chapter 10 Making it Work.

When I first found wxWidgets I misunderstood and thought that it was designed for the non-programmer, that was me. But now understand that it is a RAD tool for programmers.

And yet thanks to your book I started learning wxWidgets and then found other sites that could teach me C++ but your work is a very good foundation to really do something useful using wxWidgets, wxDev-C++ and C++.

I don't know if you desire to attract people to want to learn how to program but you have for me.