This project has a flexible roadmap with no concrete dates for releases.

This is due in part to following a living product. Before this book is finished there will have been at least one new release of wxDev-C++. It is expected that some of the changes to the product will involve rewriting section of the book.

The other major reason for flexibility is user demand. Some sections of the book will be of more interest to users than others. If users demand that a certain chapter is completed before others, then that chapter will gain the greatest focus.

The book is currently in Alpha, it is expected to remain in Alpha until all the text is written. It will then move forward to Beta phase.

Beta will see the text being properly formatted so that text and images match up. The final stage of proof reading will be completed. No new text will be added during the Beta phase.

The final stage will be a release of version 1 of the book. After this stage future releases will be made to keep up with current developments.

Release Map

Release Status
Introduction Complete
Chapter 1 Complete
Chapter 2 Complete
Chapter 3 Complete except for proof reading
Chapter 4 Quarter completed
Chapter 5 In design
Chapter 6 In design
Chapter 7 Complete
Chapter 8 Complete except for proof reading
Chapter 9 Complete except for proof reading
Chapter 10 Complete except for proof reading
Chapter 11 Three quarters complete
Chapter 12 Started
Chapter 13 In design
Chapter 14 In design
Part 4 In design
Appendix Started Logo