This site is the project site for the book Programming with wxDev-C++. This book hopes to guide complete beginners to wxDev-C++, C/C++ programming or wxWidgets and make them confident users of this fantastic IDE. It is being released as an Open Source project. Others have assisted with proof reading and translating the book. At present work is proceeding on a Spanish translation.

Also planned to accompany the book is a CD containing the source code from the book. This CD is planned to always contain the latest version of wxDevC++ as obtainable from SourceForge. It should also contain Devpaks of the latest wxWidgets release complete with samples, contributions and templates. Other interesting components such as wxReportWriter, wxPropGrid and more should also make it on there as Devpaks. It is possible that this CD will be released in iso format.


Product award


  • How to install and upgrade wxDev-C++
  • Learn basic C and C++ programming
  • Contains topics such a using sizers, debugging from within the IDE and compiling your own wxWidgets
  • Full source code for all programs is downloadable from the website
  • Frequently Asked Questions are answered
  • Learn how to make the most out of the wxDev-C++ form designer
  • Create and use your own widgets from within the IDE designer
  • Is released as an Open Source product
  • Now available in Spanish

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